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Music Programs at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship

We are very proud of our music program at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship (BUF). Our goal is to enhance the quality of worship by creating meaningful and engaging music that is diverse and of high quality to uplift our congregation and support the excellent themes explored at BUF. We have several ways that we accomplish this goal, and we would like to encourage you to be included in one of our excellent music ensembles. See below to find more information about how you can get involved.    

Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship (BUF) Choir

The BUF Choir is our main Music force. This is a mixed Choral ensemble of 30-50 singers that rehearses wednesdays 7-8:30 and performs once a month. We perform a diverse range of choral music from the classical choral repertoire to traditional African, to Jazz, Spirituals and other popular styles. To join the BUF choir or just to find out more information, please visit our BUF Music blog.

Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship Chamber Choir

The BUF Chamber Choir is an auditioned group of 12 - 16 singers that performs once a month and rehearses from 6:30 pm until 7:00 pm on Wednesdays.  In order to be in this group, it is necessary to have some experience reading music and be able to sing in several different styles. For the latest updates on this group's events, see the BUF Music Blog.

Women's Ensemble

Beth Beyers directs our Women's Ensemble. This group rehearses on Wednesdays at 8:30 p.m. For more information, contact Beth Beyers.

The Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship Guest Musician Program

The Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship often has the need for guest musicians during our services. Guest musicians may provide just a couple of pieces that are as simple as solo instrumentals or vocals, or as complex as a large professional ensemble with as many as three or four works performed during the service. If you are interested in volunteering or being hired to perform during a service, please provide us with information about your talents using our Music Sign Up Form.

Once you've completed this form, we will keep you in our Guest Musician Database and contact you when we find a perfect fit.

Andy Marshall, Director of Music

Andy Marshall, Director of Music

 Andrew (Andy) Marshall has been the Music Director of Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship (BUF) since 2006. He directs the BUF Choir (40 voices mixed), the BUF chamber choir (12-15 voices mixed), and both coordinates and performs diverse music for Sunday services.  He holds a Masters in Teaching and a Bachelors of Arts in Music from Western Washington University.  He is very motivated in making the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship a wonderful place to make and experience music.

Other Staff Members in Music
Amber Sudduth Bone, Keyboard Artist     Melanie Rieck, Keyboard Artist and Choir Assistant 
Amber Sudduth Bone Melanie Rieck
Keyboard Artist Keyboard Artist/
Choir Assistant/
Summer Music Coordinator