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Justice at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship

Social Justice Program  

Social Justice Committee

The Social Justice Committee of the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship affirms and promotes peace, justice and equality through action, education and raising awareness within our community and the wider world.

Statement of Purpose

  • To select non-profit organizations for educational events, hands-on service projects, and social justice collections
  • To sponsor social justice-related building use and events
  • To represent the Social Justice Committee and our Unitarian Universalist values at community events through sponsorship and/or participation
  • To disseminate social justice information through sales, special community events, and demonstrations
  • To respond to immediate needs and injustices in our community and the world

This committee has several subcommittees that carry out the work of the larger committee including groups that help manage the committee’s tasks and action groups that carry out the committee’s purposes in tangible and focused ways.

Current Areas of Focus:

Special Collections

One Sunday a month, BUF members are invited to give to a Social Justice Collection for a non-profit organization serving in one of the following areas: women and children, environment, poverty/homelessness, peace and human rights, social and economic justice, and health. The Social Justice Committee also organizes a monthly food collection supporting our local food bank and the Lummi Food Shelves.

Fair Trade Coffee Project

The Social Justice Committee sells fair trade coffee and other products between the two worship services with the support of the Unitarian Universalist Service Committee (UUSC) and their partnership with Equal Exchange Cooperative, a company that buys its coffee directly from farmers following the standards and principles of fair trade. These measures ensure that low-income farmers earn a fair, living wage.

Welcoming Congregation

The Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship has gained formal recognition from the Unitarian Universalist Association on being a welcoming congregation to the Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgendered, Queer (LGBTQ) population in our local community.  This effort was led by an action group of the Social Justice Committee.  The group coordinated community events and educational opportunities to engage the LGBTQ community and congregation in dialogue and mutual awareness.  We received official certification from the UUA in 2012.

Native American Connections Committee

This action group is working to support, honor, appreciate, and work compassionately with, and for, indigenous peoples locally, nationally and internationally. This group engages the congregation in supporting a quarterly food drive for Lummi Food Shelves, offers educational and fundraising events, and promotes native singers, poets, and artists as performers at BUF and in the broader community. They are committed to responding to racism and misinformation in our communities and wider world regarding neighboring tribes or indigenous peoples.

Community Connections

City Gate Donations: The Social Justice Committee maintains a donation bin in the foyer for household items and supplies to support recently released prisoners in reclaiming their lives.

Community to Community: The congregation and the Social Justice Committee have partnered with Community to Community, supporting immigrant rights on several projects and events.

Green Sanctuary Program

Deepening our connection and responsibility to the Earth and all its inhabitants through a variety of programs and events is the goal of the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship (BUF) Green Sanctuary Program. We work with community groups in Bellingham and Whatcom County to establish a just, sustainable and Earth-conscious community. All members and friends are welcome to join us.

We began our program in 2006 and were awarded accreditation in May 2009 by the UUA. The accreditation process required that we complete 12 tasks in four focus areas. The focus areas are:

  •  Worship and Celebration
  •  Religious Education
  •  Environmental Justice
  •  Sustainable Living

Our ongoing journey includes:

  •  Exploring the significance and complexity of environmental issues
  •  Encouraging personal lifestyle changes
  •  Engaging in community action on environmental issues
  •  Strengthening the connection between spiritual practice and Earth consciousness
  •  Working to heal environmental injustices

BUF members and friends are invited to participate at whatever level they can, knowing that many have limited time and resources. For more details check out our web site.

To participate in ongoing discussions on current issues and projects, use our new online community site by requesting an invitation from our Administrator and join the Green Sanctuary Group.