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Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship Resources

Online Community

If you are already a member of our Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship or if you want to interact socially with our members online, we would love to have you participate in our online community! Please send a request for an invitation to our Administrator with your name, phone number, and email address to receive an invitation to join the community. Once you have accepted the invitation through the email link that will be provided, you can sign in at Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship's Online Community!

Adult Programs, Religious Education, and Leadership Guides

Formerly the BUF Book, these guides provide an overview of activities at BUF. Designed by Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship members Eric Shew and Becca Shew of Shew Design.

Covenant Circles

This pamphlet will tell you about Chalice Circles, BUF's small group ministry.

Find Your Place at BUF Online

The Gifts and Interests Survey has been remodeled into an interactive online survey. When you take this survey, your answers are immediately transferred to a searchable spreadsheet. The spreadsheet allows BUF leadership to match your skills and interests with opportunities for service. Get involved at BUF in ways are fulfilling for you and beneficial to the BUF community.

Crystal Neva's Unitarian Universalist Documentary Series

Click each link below to view a documentary in Crystal's thought provoking and informative series with interviews from Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship members.

Useful Links To External Website Resources:

Universalist Unitarian Association of Congregations

This is the official site of the Unitarian Universalist Association, the umbrella organization for the U.U. congregations in the United States, including the Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship.

Pacific Northwest Division of the Unitarian Universalist Association

This is the official site of the Pacific Northwest District (our district) of the Universalist Unitarian Association.

Unitarian Universalist Service Committee

This nonsectarian national organization promotes human rights and social justice worldwide.