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Recorded Sermons

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      An Inclusive Religious Community
        Encouraging Lives of Purpose, Service, and Joy!

Recorded Sermons

The links below allow you to download the audio recording of the latest Bellingham Unitarian Fellowship sermons.

Sacred Space
Barbara Gilday, Guest Speaker
June 22, 2014

Old Turtle and the Broken Truth
Multigenerational Service
June 15, 2014


Choir Finale and Lee Finale, Almost
The Rev. Lee Bond, Interim Minister
June 8, 2014


The Veil Between Wellbeing and Distress
The Rev. Lee Bond, Interim Minister
June 1, 2014


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To find out how to do this in your particular web browser, search google for "download files in browser name" (type in Safari if that is your browser, or Chrome...etc).  Otherwise, you can simply click on the link. The audio file will begin playing in a new browser tab or window once the entire file has downloaded. If you have difficulties, please email your administrator.

Every service we recite our covenant, which helps us recall our purpose and spirit as we are together:

Love is the spirit of this fellowship,
And service gives it life.
Celebrating our diversity,
And joined by a quest for truth,
We work for peace and honor all creation
This is our covenant.

The Reverend Douglas E. Wadkins

The Reverend Lee Bond, Interim Minister